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  • Pilates Reformer Recommended by Basketball Players
    Pilates Reformer Recommended by Basketball Players May 13, 2022
    Home gym pilates equipment consists of fitness devices with Flexibility. These machines usually allow users to stream virtual classes and interact online with other users and trainers. People can also exercise and learn at the same time. How to Choose one Pilates Machine Size: A person should check the equipment’s dimensions to determine if they are compatible with their workout space. Some devices also feature a foldable design, which can be helpful if an individual has limited storage room. Workouts: Some smart gym equipment provides workout programs for all fitness levels. People should assess whether the equipment will offer a workout to suit their fitness goals or activity levels. Accessories: Individuals should check if they can use other accessories while exercising and what type of smart devices are compatible with the equipment. Some smart equipment can support off machine workouts with additional equipment such as dumbbells. Adjustability: Devices with adjustable seats and handles can benefit those who share the device with family or friends. Ben Simmons plans to make a comeback in G4 after dealing with a disc injury. "When you have an injury like that, it affects your whole leg," Simmons said of his injury. "So it takes time to relax and get back on the court. It's a day-to-day thing, so I'm taking it every day." When asked if he would need surgery, Simmons said that he has "fallen in love with doing Pilates." "I don't think surgery is needed. I think we're in a good place right now. I'm not even considering surgery." Therefore, Pilates is an exercise that combines fitness and keeping fit. Come Here and try one! (https://www.ahrexfitness.com/pilates_c3)
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  • Design new silent rowing machine released
    Design new silent rowing machine released Aug 02, 2021
    In a new product launch conference in July 2021, we introduced our new rowing machine in detail, with adjustable resistance of 12 gears, and a sport bar that is easier to grasp. It makes us feel like wearing sports gloves during exercise. Of comfort. The solid wood material is more durable. And an offline feel store has been added. Cooperate with many local gyms and get unanimous praise from the sports crowd Users who use this rowing machine at home said: "The sound is low", "The grip is firmer", "Detect your heart rate in real time during exercise", and "It is very convenient to store." This can be placed upright in the corner of the wall and does not take up any space at all when not in use.
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